About Us

Welcome to the IDZ, the Institute of German Dentists: a joint research institution of the German Dental Association (BZÄK) and the National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Dentists (KZBV).

The IDZ emerged in 1987 from a fusion of the Research Institute for Dental Care and the Central Institute of German Dentists for Research and Practice and fulfills the task of conducting practice-relevant research and providing scientific advice for German dentists within the scope of the responsibilities of BZÄK and KZBV.

The IDZ is the only non-university research institute in Germany that deals exclusively with dental medical issues. The fields of work are divided into six main scientific research areas including

  • Health Care Research and Epidemiology,
  • Health Economics and Health Systems Research,
  • Dental Profession Research,
  • Medical Sociology and Health Psychology with an additional focus on Health Literacy,
  • Evidence-based Medicine and Quality, divided into the two focal areas of Evidence-based Medicine and Quality, and
  • the cross-sectional area of Medical Statistics.


On our website you will find detailed information on our research focus areas and flagship projects. As a special service, we offer you our scientific publications for free download with a comfortable search function.


With friendly recommendation,

Prof. Dr. A. Rainer Jordan